and industrial thermodynamics

We also work on medium and large projects of
Electric generation or domestic hot water.
From hotels, sports centers to large industries.
Large projects are carried out by our SunSystems group.

More than a 15-year experience in setting high-calibre roofs and a vast number of satisfied clients guarantee our good work and our ethical advise.
Make your Project come true with us.
Bakery industry in Granada, power generated by photovoltaic panels: 60kW
Together  with our team of engineers, we study the consumption curves and we measure the power of the installation depending on its use.
We also prepare a simulation to represent accurately how the panels in the roof system would look like.


How much is it to get by without your boiler?
With a minimum of data about your home or business, our technicians will prepare a technical study,
to check the feasibility of your project.


At TuCasaSolar we adapt to all types of projects and clients
whether private or industrial.

We design, build and promote
all kinds of projects in the renewable energy sector, from
Single family homes to large solar gardens

We promote the use of renewable energy in every
scope. Our top values are honesty and trust.


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