Solar panels

Kiss the Sun tax goodbye!
Say hello to savings in invoices!

The most economical and profitable way to generate electricity

We select the brands with all guarantees
for our systems
Highly reliable products, with guarantee and security.

Thus we can adapt to each customer’s need.


· Photovoltaic panels capture sunlight and transform it into direct current. The PV inverter converts it into alternating current, which is the type of current used at home mostly.

· The electricity generated can be instantaneously self-supplied or injected into the grid, where thanks to the new RD 244/19, our electricity company must make a compensation on our next bill for those injected kW.

· By instantly consuming the electricity produced, we are no longer consuming electricity from the grid, which translates into direct savings.


Do you want to know how much it costs to do without the electricity companies?
With a minimum of data about your home or business, our technicians will prepare a technical study,
where you will see the feasibility of implementing this system.


At TuCasaSolar we adapt to all types of projects and clients
whether private or industrial.

We design, build and promote
all kinds of projects in the renewable energy sector, from
Single family homes to large solar gardens.

We promote the use of renewable energy in every
scope. Our top values are honesty and trust.


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