If you have already made the decision to invest in solar panels for your home, you will immediately notice the large number of start-ups or relatively young companies out there. Faced with the barrage of new emerging solar panel companies that want to take their piece of the cake our recommendation is always to choose those local companies that have a long and provable track record and that have a physical office for possible claims or execution of guarantees and especially good reviews on GOOGLE.

We would like to emphasize that right now the advertising blitz of those who wanted to charge us for the sunlight through a tax not so long ago, is terrible (and you know who I mean). You just have to turn on the TV to see it. This tax created legal uncertainty and it left many SMEs in the sector practically sunk and families bankrupt. However they have now started rough advertising campaigns.

We would like to remind you of all this to encourage you not to fall into their trap for several reasons:

  • Morally unacceptable.
  • These companies are more expensive, a lot more.
  • Sometimes they outsource other companies which are often paid poorly.
  • Telephone and labyrinthine support service channels.
  • Supporting the local installer / company is good and also they have more competitive prices.

We recommend choosing those solar panel companies that have a physical technical office, for greater peace of mind. In addition it is always good to compare prices with at least 2 solar panel companies, always taking into account the quality and components as well as everything that is included in the offer, not only the price. A cheaper 800€ installation can end up being 600€ more expensive.

In TUCASASOLAR apart from having an office in Tarragona, we always include everything in our proposals, without surprises, even the paperwork. In addition, all the components are first-class with the maximum guarantees, and we also offer a 5-YEAR WARRANTY ON OUR INSTALLATION AND START-UP.

You can check TUCASASOLAR or SUN SYSTEMS GROUP reviews on Google.


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Is it worth installing solar panels at home?

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