What is instantaneous self-supply?

Instantaneous self-supply is the term used to identify the consumption of electricity produced instantaneously by a photovoltaic solar plant during daylight, whether it is at home, in a business or industry. In other words, if we have solar panels on our roof, we are immediately consuming the energy that our solar panels are capturing.
Here it is an illustrative image:


In this screen-shot by one of our clients we can see the electricity produced and consumed directly in dark gray. The black line of the X axis (horizontal) is the consumption of the day at different times of our client. The green shading refers to the energy poured into the network (which will be further discussed in another article). Nowadays instant self-supply is our recommendation to our clients after the approval of RD 244/19


Is it worth installing solar panels at home?

Is it worth installing solar panels at home?

IS IT WORTH IT TO INSTALL SOLAR PANELS IN MY HOUSE?Every day more and more people are wondering about it. Even more so in the past weeks, when power companies have started offering discounts to their clients due to the crisis originated from the Covid 19 outbreak....

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